Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche

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This airplane has been hangered since at least 1973, if not earlier, until June 2006. I am only the second owner since 1973 and the previous owner kept it hangered.

The body is white and has red and blue strips. The plane is washed regularly and waxed twice a year. The aluminum spinners are polished regularly.

The photo above was taken prior to the Small Nose Wheel (STC) conversion. The plane now sits level and looks even better!


You will find some aircraft being advertised with the Robertson STOL kit. When I was in the market for a PA-30, the Comanche expert with whom I was consulting explained to me that the kit provided little value functionally and led to a slower cruise speed, which of course leads to a higher fuel burn to get to your destination. What the kit does is allows for more lift and a quicker take off roll. There is no reason to really require a quicker take off roll in the PA-30, especially when it leads to a slower cruise speed. This is definately something you need to take into consideration when buying a PA-30.

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