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Standard Car Seat Covers are used to protect the front seats. Original seat fabric is the same as the rear seats.

Older Interior w/ Curtains

Interior Photo (Curtains removed)

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It is plush, maroon/royal red and is extremely comfortable. I have flown coast to coast with only fuel breaks and felt more comfortable than traveling coach on an airliner. The seats have two matching throw pillows, and the front seats have headrests.

The carpet looks good and matches the interior. It is professionally cleaned anytime the seats are removed for maintenance.

The plane had originally come with curtains, which after awhile I had taken out due to visibility restrictions, and no functional use.

The headliner is white and is in good condition.


When I purchased this airplane, it had no shoulder harnesses as PA-30's did not come out of the factory with them. I am a firm believer in shoulder harnesses and had shoulder harnesses installed within weeks of buying the plane. The installation was professionally done by a Twin Comanche A&P/IA that also owns a PA-30. As a friend of mine told me, "You'll only ever need shoulder harnesses once." There are thousands of general aviation accidents recorded where the occupants would have survived if they had shoulder harnesses.

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