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This aircraft comes with complete logs including fresh engine logs issued when the engines were overhauled by Mattituck, and propeller logs for new (not overhauled) Hartzell Q-Tip propellers.


Along with the aircraft logs, I have hard copy manuals and pilot operating handbooks for the 1965 Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche, S-Tec System 65 Autopilot, Northstar M1 LORAN, and Hartzell Q-Tip Propellers.


While in my care, this aircraft has always been worked on by Comanche experts and only those extremely famliar with the aircraft. Although just about any A&P/IA can work on this plane and do a good job, those little things that can lead to big trouble can only be spotted by those famliar with the aircraft. If you don't know of a Comanche A&P/IA in your area, I recommend joining the International Comanche Society and getting a recommendation. The PA-30 is fairly simple and parts for it are readily available. The maintenance is straight forward and simple according to every A&P/IA with whom I've dealt.


You are buying a plane which had the annual inspection done on June 21st, 2006 and is not due until June 2007. The previous annual went very well and the A&P/IA noted to me that it was a "very clean" airplane and nothing serious was found during the annual.

I did have a cracked exhaust awhile ago, and decided not to repair my exhaust as many other pilots recommended, but rather to replace it with an overhauled exhaust. A broken exhaust can lead to an inflight fire, so during the annual I had all my exhausts thoroughly inspected and decided to replace any that were even marginal, with overhauled exhausts. Exhaust last a very long time, so the investment I made will last you for hundreds, if not thousands of hours to come. I still fly the plane and it is impeccably maintained even while on sale.

The gallery has photos from the annual done in 2004. Some of the more serious work (1000hr Gear AD) during that annual was done by Bill Turley's shop which is famous for Comanche work.


All applicable ADs are up to date and signed off.

1000hr GEAR AD


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* Parts of this invoice have been electronically deleted for privacy reasons.

The PA-30 has a 1000 hour gear AD, which was completed at 4132hrs TTAF, so you will not have to worry about that AD for over 800 hundred hours.

When the AD was completed by the famous Comanche expert Bill Turley at Aircraft Engineering, Inc., not only was the inspection done, but every single part was replaced with new, which goes above and beyond what the AD calls for.

When the prebuy was done on this plane, my mechanic told me that since all the parts were replaced with new, the next time the AD comes up, it will only be an inspection and not require major work.

Be careful when buying a PA-30 that might be close to the AD, or may not even have the AD done as I found out on many PA-30s while I was searching for one.


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