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What is a Q-Tip propeller? What are its advantages?

Q-tip propeller blades are formed by bending the tip section of the blade 90° toward the face side.

Aerodynamic improvements include a reduced diameter and decreased tip speeds. This results in quieter operation and reduced tip vortices. The 90° bend reduces the vortices that, on traditional blades, pick up debris that can contact the blades and cause nicks, gouges and scratches.
(Source: Hartzell)



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"The spinner is designed for superior aerodynamics by reducing the size of the openings around the prop. It also eliminates the flange around the prop openings found on the original spinners." - Knots 2U

"The reduced drag also provides extra range because when you fly faster on the same power, you also fly farther. The lower drag also provides better climb on one engine, a nice comforting advantage." -LoPresti Speed Merchants

As part of the Hartzell Q-Tip propeller kit, Hartzell's new high effeciency spinners were installed. These are the same spinners sold as a speed mod by LoPresti as "Winner Spinners" and by Knots-2U as "Speed Spinners." Recently the price of these spinners went up 100% and now cost $6200/pair.

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