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Here are some of the resources I visited prior to buying the PA-30.


1. Piper Twin Comanches (By: International Comanche Society)
"The big draw - as with all the Twin Comanches - was the airplane's ability to extract maximum speed from minimum horsepower and fuel consumption. The PA-30's 160-hp, Lycoming IO-320-BlA engines let a PA-30 cruise at 170 knots (that's 200-mph) while burning a total of a mere 17 gph. The engines have TBOs of 2,000 hours and are highly regarded for their simplicity and durability."

2. Imperial Aviation - Full Test Report - Piper Twin Comanche (By: Imperial Bank Aviation Finance)
" What could not be appreciated at the time was that the Twin Comanche was so good that it remains consistently better than its successor, the Seminole ... In all respects the Twin Comanche represents one of the most rewarding and affordable twins."

3. Cheap To Keep (By: Aviation Consumer Magazine; Reprinted by Avweb)
"Thanks to its stingy fuel flow and cheap-to-overhaul Lycomings, the Twin Comanche is a good value in an economy twin ... we pick the Twinkie as the best value in a cheap-to-keep twin."

4. International Comanche Society

5. Ryan Ferguson's Twin Comanche Page
"I received an inordinate amount of emails telling me that ... the Piper Twin Comanche was the right airplane. It was fast; it was efficient; it used two simple, easy to maintain Lyc IO-320s; it was the right size; it burned 16gph in cruise; it had a great safety record"


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